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COVID-19 Update

Hello Wells Physical Therapy Friends and Family!

We continue to remain open for appointments for those who need Physical Therapy Services. We are changing things up in small ways to help navigate the current situation as responsibly as possible.

We are encouraging anyone who is uneasy with the idea of leaving their current situation for an appointment to please call and we will cancel and reschedule your visits to a future date.

We are also changing how we schedule our patients who have not been out of the state or in contact with those out of the state by mass transit (buses, trains, and planes). We are staggering our appointment times so there is little chance of waiting in the waiting room for your appointment. There will be a lower chance of having more than 2-3 clients in the building at any given time. There will be a greater amount of time between patients for our staff to disinfect the surfaces and exercise equipment.

We are doing our part to meet the needs of our clients while taking a responsible approach to minimize to the COVID-19 spread. Flatten that curve!

Should we need to close, we are looking into telemedicine for Physical Therapy. While the hallmark of our care is hands-on touch and testing, we can, if needed, still make valuable gains in care of those with a need for Addison Wellness, Inc/ Wells Physical Therapy Services with a phone and video appointment. We are checking with our providers and contracted insurance companies to see if this is a viable solution.

Thank you for your understanding and perseverance in this time of unease and uncertainty. Please give us a call at 388-3533 if we can answer any questions.

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