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What You Can Expect From Addison Wellness

From finding appointments to fit your busy schedule, to trouble shooting insurance issues and strategizing the most effective way to get you back to the activities you love–Addison Wellness is your partner in protecting your most valuable asset; Your Health!

Your first visit in our office begins with an initial evaluation by a registered and experienced physical therapist. Based on the examination, recommendation from your referring provider if applicable and your personal goals, the physical therapist will identify specific problems, plan a comprehensive treatment program and develop a home exercise program designed to meet your individual needs. Follow up visits are one-on-one with hands on activities and treatment. Although you are assigned a primary physical therapist to assist you on your journey towards health, expect to find the whole team investing in your care; providing both encouragement and expertise as you work towards your goals! Our focus is to help you recover quickly and to give you the tools you need to stay healthy and maintain your active lifestyle.

What You Will Need

For your first visit we will need you to complete some documentation to help your physical therapist with their assessment as well as to provide some basic information to create your chart and billing accounts. You will need to complete the Initial Evaluation Paperwork package and then one of the Individualized Care Assessment Forms. If you are not sure which Individualized Care Assessment Form applies to you, please call our clinic and we can help you decide what will work best. Bring these completed forms with you for your initial evaluation, along with any doctors referrals, your insurance information and any other clinical documents that may be helpful in outlining your care. If you are not filling out the paperwork in advance, please arrive at our clinic 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time and one of our team members can assist you.

Download our Intake Paperwork HERE

Scheduling Appointments

An Initial evaluation typically runs 45 minutes - 1 hour in length, with follow up visits running from 30 minutes to 45 minutes. How often you come to the clinic will depend on the severity of your condition, your personal goals and the plan you have outlined with the recommendations of your physical therapist and referring provider. In most cases we plan to see patients 1-2 times per week in the most intensive phase of their care. We truly believe that the commitment you make in your recovery strongly effects how quickly and completely you can get back on your feet. We are big proponents of PT Homework, where we assign you a home exercise program to bolster your one-on-one clinic time with your therapist. Some people prefer to be more independent in their approach to recovery, while others like the structure and security that the clinic care can provide. Of course some situations, such as post-surgical care, require a more intensive amount of in clinic care to start in order to insure a better recover. In any case, we offer convenient appointment times throughout the day, including the early morning and evening with the flexibility to fit care into most busy schedules.

HIPAA Privacy

We at Addison Wellness are committed to making sure your private health information remains protected. Download a copy of our Privacy Policy or speak to our HIPAA Privacy Officer Lisa Perkins.

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