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Consider adding dry needling to your therapy!

Addison Wellness is excited to announce the integration of Dry Needling techniques to our repertoire of treatment modalities! Dry needling uses thin, monofilament needles similar to needles used with acupuncture but it is not the same, nor is it a replacement for acupuncture techniques. Dry needling can reduce pressure pain threshold (reduces tenderness), the sympathetic skin response and the neuromuscular junction response which all translates to reduced pain! Feeling pain will always generate a response from local muscles, causing compensatory movement patterns, which can perpetuate a painful condition. We have had success reducing painful muscle spasms, allowing the muscle to function more efficiently. This in turn optimizes functional strength and joint protection. We are using dry needling in addition to the other treatment methods we have been using for decades and finding it provides faster results when combined with traditional methods. Call Addison Wellness today to see if we can help reduce your pain and regain comfortable function.

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